Locally owned and operated, Sirrom Wiring and Electrical Services Ltd. offers standard and green energy services options for all your electrical needs. Serving Central Alberta, Sirrom Wiring works closely with local utility companies and electrical inspectors to make sure your power is turned on and safe for your families. All jobs big or small, starting from design to completion, Sirrom Wiring works closely with clients to make sure their needs are not only met but exceed all expectations of service.

Matthew Morris
Owner/ Master Electrician

Starting before he graduated high school, Matt has been working with local contractors for over 25 years to provide power to much of the local area. Upon receiving his Master Electrician certification in 2002, Matt has honed his skills to be an expert in many capacities of electrical services.

Providing new construction with both residential and commercial buildings, renovations expertise, and now offering green energy solutions and the Cummins power generation line; Matt can cover all your needs with just one call.

Matt is a member of the Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta.

Training includes:

  • Red Seal Journeyman
  • Masters Certification
  • Photovoltaic for Electricians
  • Photovoltaic System Design and Modelling

Donna Morris
Owner/ Office Manager

Spending many years in the oilfield industry and continuing her career in economic development, tourism and project management; Donna has vast experience with the behind the scenes processes to assist any business. Join that with the electrical expertise Matt provides and you have a winning combination!

Training includes:

  • Office Technologies & Business Management Certificate
  • Project Management Certificate

Our Story

“Authors do not choose to write a story, the story chooses us."
 Richard P. Denney, author

Starting before he graduated high school, Matthew has been working with contractors for over 25 years to provide power to much of the local area. Upon receiving his Master Electrician certification in 2002, Matt has honed his skills to be an expert in many capacities of electrical services. After working in residential and commercial electrical for 17 years, Matthew decided to take on a new challenge and accepted employment in the coal industry with the Paintearth Mine in 2013.

In November 2015, the Alberta Government committed to a phase out of all coal-based power plants with their Climate Leadership Plan. This included the Battle River Generating Station which was supplied by the Paintearth Mine where Matthew was currently employed. This meant that in time, he would be unemployed at no fault of his own.

The Light Bulb Moment

Having worked with many of the area contractors in the past, Matthew was continually being asked if he was interested in utilizing his expertise with this project or that one. Working shift work at the mine meant Matthew had the opportunity to work a few days each week while maintaining a steady paycheck. This meant more could put more back into the business and grow it while he worked to phase out the mine.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."
Thomas Edison

Discussing with a few local contractors the projects they had for him, Matthew worked steadily for the first few months while he and his wife Donna created a business plan. Matthew not only wanted to return to residential and commercial electrical, he wanted to satisfy the needs of his customers while keeping their families and businesses safe. As a business, they wanted to not only meet the expectations of their customers, but exceed them as that is what they would expect, and they wanted to offer their customers options. Whether they wanted standard electrical services or the new options of green energy, the choice was up to the customer and Matthew wanted to be able to service every need. Above all, they wanted to offer top of the line service making sure the customer came first and was comfortable with the fact that they had hired the right person for the job.

What's in a name?

The name Sirrom attracts benevolence, open-mindedness and proactivity. Perceiving the expectations of others in the work place is the main life lesson grasped by people named Sirrom.

After many attempts of trying to find the right name for their new business that portrayed the how and why they started their business, Matthew and Donna were about to give up when the idea to flip their name backwards came to mind. After looking up the meaning of the name, they were sold and Sirrom Wiring and Electrical Services Ltd. was chosen. In March of 2016 with the support of their families, it became official as an Alberta Corporation and the adventure began.

The Next Chapter

With the final stages of the phase out of the Paintearth Mine still being completed, Matthew and Donna worked harder than ever to take their success from a part time venture to a full time business. In the spring of 2021, the inevitable happened and they took the opportunity to expand. Now offering electrical services full time, they continue to earn the trust and respect from their customers through superior service, skilled workmanship and competitive pricing. Proud to say that the majority of their customers are repeat customers, many of which have found them by word of mouth; Matthew and Donna look forward to continuing to service the electrical needs of the community and local area.