Some Things Stand the Test of Time, Others We Plan For -The Importance of Preventative Maintenance Programs

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Many products in today’s world are created to last a typical amount of time and then be replaced. Many products also require a certain level of care and attention in order for them to last longer. Cell phones need to be protected from water, dirt and falls so a case and screen protector help, vehicles need to follow a regular maintenance program to keep all system running smooth. The same goes for electrical systems.

In the electrical industry, there is a true need for a preventative maintenance program however many times it is not thought of as something of high importance. Once a system is installed, many feel it is complete. Regular routines and a lack of regular maintenance can often lead to inadequate performance or failures that can produce unwanted downtime and even failures that can cause injury or death.

Electrical deterioration is normal and inevitable over time. Failures due to deterioration is typically a slow process however severe use such as overloading systems, circuits and equipment can alter and accelerate the process. The idea of a preventative maintenance program is to anticipate failures and through regular service, replacement intervals, and scheduling outages to perform replacements, your electrical system can last a full life-cycle saving you the expense of extreme repairs.

The two main objectives of a successful preventative maintenance program should be to focus on enhancing safety and reducing system failure and loss. To create an effective program, you will need to determine the equipment and systems that are essential to your everyday operations and create a plan that includes regular inspections, periodic testing and servicing of the equipment as well as effective record keeping in order to maintain their safe standards of use. By implementing a monitoring system that determines the lifetime of the equipment, the duty cycles of the unit, and the signs of failure or fatigue, you can eliminate many future issues and often extend the life expectancy of your equipment.

Electrical equipment including motors, transformers, circuit breakers, switches, and so forth, should be included in your preventative maintenance program. Identify any visible deterioration, check operating temperatures, visibly inspect connections, and verify the correct load is used on the equipment based on the manufacturer’s guidelines. Qualified and properly trained personnel who understand the construction and operation of the equipment should then be assigned to perform the preventative maintenance programs at a regular schedule and be responsible for maintaining accurate records of the program.

Preventative maintenance programs are often ignored or considered too expensive to implement. They are a valuable investment that is measurable and can help avoid equipment failure, alleviate major repairs and replacement costs, and increase safety for personnel. Sirrom Wiring and Electrical Services Ltd. Can assist you in creating a preventative maintenance program that minimizes unwanted consequences and become a reliable program you can stay committed to. Call us today. 403-742-1676



This article was written with concepts provided by Michael Collins article “Nothing Lasts Forever- Preventative Maintenance” Published to May 2013

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