Cool Summer Savings

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Summer is officially here and the warmer weather brings with it camping trips, beach days, and BBQ parties. The hot and sunny days can sometimes be unbearable for you but can also be stressful to your electrical system and your pocket book. Use these techniques to keep cool this summer and not break the bank doing it.

Heating and cooling systems are the largest stressor on your power bill no matter the season. Summer temps can affect the thermostat and over usage in the summer occurs when you factor in the consumption of the air conditioner and fans in your home. The best way to reduce wastage is to clean your air filters and check vents for blockage and debris each year prior to use and often throughout the season. When using ceiling fans to reduce temperature levels, make sure you have flipped the switch to allow for air flow to move downwards. When looking up at the fans, they should be rotating in a counter clockwise direction to allow for maximum cooling impact. Take the time to clean the blades and wash the lamp shades as well. Turn fans off when you are not in a room as they aren’t intended to provide temperature maintenance but offer a cooling effect when the air moves across your skin.

Instead of relying solely on your cooling system to decrease your temperature during the heat waves of summer, utilize other options to cool down. Keep curtains and shades drawn to block the hot sun rays from entering your home. This simple solution can decrease the amount of heat coming into your home by up to 6 degrees and decrease your power bill up to 7%. Even better; purchase blackout curtains that further block the full impact of the suns rays.

Bath and kitchen exhaust fans are built to pull the warm air out of the home so turn them on and allow them to do their thing. When cooking, turn up the grill and cook outdoors. Temperatures from your cooktop and oven, or even your microwave can put a strain on your cooling devices. Save some dough and enjoy those outdoor purchases by creating a functional kitchen area to cook all your meals outside.

Decrease your body temperature. Drink cold beverages such as ice water and sports drinks. Wear loose, cool clothing and wipe down with a cold cloth now and then. For a quicker fix, jump into a cool shower and change your sheets on your bed to cotton as it breathes easier and stays cooler longer.

No matter what options you decide to implement to stay cool this summer, stay safe!

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